Sun Spots

What is a Sun Spot?

sun • spot


Any of the dark cool patches, with a diameter of up to several thousand kilometres, that appear on the surface of the sun and last about a week. They occur in approximately 11-year cycles and possess a strong magnetic field (source

Sun Spot


A cool patch – not dark at all – on the Internet that provides everyday Janes and Joes with everything they need to know about their town. They update several times a day with news content, opinions and anything else of interest. They possess a strong magnetic field that lures visitors in, and they exist at all times (source Elauwit Media).

This is your Sun Spot. We call it Kinda clever, huh? Yeah, we pride ourselves on our make-uppery.

But while we poke fun at our ingenuity (it really is uber-creative), we’re serious about our mission: Providing the residents of this region with the best darn website money can buy.

Except we’re free. Unless you want to buy something.

On this Sun Spot, you’ll find news that’s all about your hometown, user-uploaded photos and videos that are all about your hometown, opinions and commentary that is all about your hometown, and anything else that is all about your hometown. You’ll also find a great way to buy and sell goods and services for $10 (at It’s Just 10).

In essence, we’re everything under The Sun (there we go again!).