Our Team

The Big Cheese

That’s Dan McDonough, Jr. – our publisher. He’s responsible for the direction and growth of the company. He’s also co-chairman and chief executive of Elauwit (our parent company)…and whatever other title he decides to make up so he feels special.

Reach him at dmcdonough@elauwit.com.

The Medium Cheeses

Alan Bauer is editor-in-chief and general manager of Elauwit Media. He leads the team responsible for producing our news content. He oversees some other stuff that’s not a heck of a lot of important to you, but helps make us run correctly.

Reach him at abauer@elauwit.com.

Ed Lynes is vice president of sales. He sells stuff and directs the selling of stuff by our advertising sales department, which is responsible for selling stuff as well. He’s pretty good at selling.

Reach him at elynes@elauwit.com.

Tim Ronaldson is director of digital media. No one really knows what that means. He manages some items, directs some items, coordinates some items in both news and sales. He makes sure that round pegs are put in round holes.

Reach him at tronaldson@elauwit.com.

The Brainiacs

They’re not Animaniacs (although that was a great show). But they’re definitely smarter than you. Don’t take that the wrong way – they’re smarter than all of our Cheeses.

The team consists of John Long, Jordan Bradshaw and Greg Bajan. They’re responsible for the design, programming and implementation of all that you see on your screen. They have the not-so-enviable task of making sense of the scratch notes that Tim and Dan send them and turning it into Sun Spot gold. They do quite a job.