About Us

Elauwit Media was founded on a simple philosophy: “Everybody Gets It, Everybody Reads It.” It’s more than a slogan. It’s a business model that puts Elauwit Media publications far ahead of the field in terms of reader and advertiser satisfaction.

In 2004, we started as a company that focused primarily on print publications – weekly community newspapers and monthly business publications that reach tens of thousands of homes and businesses. The readers of these publications have nearly twice the family income of the average in their region and live in homes valued at more than twice the average home in their region.

Elauwit Media publications are mailed to everyone in their community – something paid newspapers cannot claim. Elauwit Media publications also are packed with community news our readers cannot find elsewhere – something free shoppers cannot claim.
This philosophy and business model quickly gained us recognition – being recognized one year as the second fastest-growing privately held company in Southern New Jersey, and making the Inc. 5000 list for two years running.

In mid-2010, we recognized (yet again) that there was a need that was not being met – this time, online. Traditional news publications were going digital, but they still missed the point – only providing their print content online. News aggregator sites are nice, but they don’t do much except, well, aggregate other sources’ news.

So Elauwit Media re-designed our sites (now called Sun Spots) and applied our print philosophy to our digital products. Sunne.ws combines traditional, original reporting (by our staffing) with aggregated news content, social media integration (like Twitter feeds), multi-media and user interaction (like a point-based gaming system) – all catered to a specific town.

But we didn’t end there. We wanted to provide our visitors with the full online experience, which, today, includes the ability to purchase and/or sell goods and services at a cheap price (what we call It’s Just 10).

Our Team

The Big Cheese

That’s Dan McDonough, Jr. – our publisher. He’s responsible for the direction and growth of the company. He’s also co-chairman and chief executive of Elauwit (our parent company)…and whatever other title he decides to make up so he feels special.

Reach him at dmcdonough@elauwit.com.

The Medium Cheeses

Alan Bauer is editor-in-chief and general manager of Elauwit Media. He leads the team responsible for producing our news content. He oversees some other stuff that’s not a heck of a lot of important to you, but helps make us run correctly.

Reach him at abauer@elauwit.com.

Ed Lynes is vice president of sales. He sells stuff and directs the selling of stuff by our advertising sales department, which is responsible for selling stuff as well. He’s pretty good at selling.

Reach him at elynes@elauwit.com.

Tim Ronaldson is director of digital media. No one really knows what that means. He manages some items, directs some items, coordinates some items in both news and sales. He makes sure that round pegs are put in round holes.

Reach him at tronaldson@elauwit.com.

The Brainiacs

They’re not Animaniacs (although that was a great show). But they’re definitely smarter than you. Don’t take that the wrong way – they’re smarter than all of our Cheeses.

The team consists of John Long, Jordan Bradshaw and Greg Bajan. They’re responsible for the design, programming and implementation of all that you see on your screen. They have the not-so-enviable task of making sense of the scratch notes that Tim and Dan send them and turning it into Sun Spot gold. They do quite a job.

Sun Spots

What is a Sun Spot?

sun • spot


Any of the dark cool patches, with a diameter of up to several thousand kilometres, that appear on the surface of the sun and last about a week. They occur in approximately 11-year cycles and possess a strong magnetic field (source dictionary.com).

Sun Spot


A cool patch – not dark at all – on the Internet that provides everyday Janes and Joes with everything they need to know about their town. They update several times a day with news content, opinions and anything else of interest. They possess a strong magnetic field that lures visitors in, and they exist at all times (source Elauwit Media).

This is your Sun Spot. We call it Sunne.ws. Kinda clever, huh? Yeah, we pride ourselves on our make-uppery.

But while we poke fun at our ingenuity (it really is uber-creative), we’re serious about our mission: Providing the residents of this region with the best darn website money can buy.

Except we’re free. Unless you want to buy something.

On this Sun Spot, you’ll find news that’s all about your hometown, user-uploaded photos and videos that are all about your hometown, opinions and commentary that is all about your hometown, and anything else that is all about your hometown. You’ll also find a great way to buy and sell goods and services for $10 (at It’s Just 10).

In essence, we’re everything under The Sun (there we go again!).


Make your business rise with the Sun(Ne.ws). Reach your potential customers in a highly targeted medium.

On the web

Home Page Ads

Home Page Ads run only on the home page of a Sun News site.

  • Top Right | 300×250
  • Top Right | 300×600
  • Sliding Billboard | 960×30 at rest | No height maximum when active

Questions? Contact our advertising guru.

Inside Page Ads

Inside Page Ads run on every page of a Sun News site except the home page.

  • Leaderboard | 728×90
  • Top Right | 300×250
  • Bottom Right | 300×250

Questions? Contact our advertising guru.

$10 Purchases Add Up

Itsjust10.com is your place to buy and sell services, products – anything under the sun (there we go again) – for $10. Have something to sell? List it. Have something you want to purchase? Buy it. It’s that easy. It’s Just 10 is viewed and used by local people who are just like you. Get paid at It’s Just 10.

Cover The Market With Print Products

Total market penetration. That’s the key to a successful advertising campaign. You need to reach all your potential customers, and the best way to do that is with Elauwit Media. In addition to our digital presence with Sun Spots, we also publish weekly community newspapers in high-income towns in Southern New Jersey and targeted monthly business newspapers in four metropolitan areas on the East Coast.

Elauwit Media’s print publications combine the best of both worlds – news coverage that people want to read and direct mail. We reach every home in the Zip codes we serve for our weekly Sun newspapers and the business decision makers in select counties for our monthly Business Trends newspapers.

To truly reach your potential customers, combine an online advertising campaign with a print marketing effort.

Tim Ronaldson – Advertising Guru
856-427-0933 EXT. 517
66 Willow Ave
Staten Island, NY 10305