Step it up – $200 is on the line!

You, our visitors, have spoken. We have heard. And we now have changed.

You didn’t mind our weekly Sun Score contest, but thought it could be improved. According to your emails and calls, you want:

• Bigger prizes.

• A way to control your own destiny when it comes to winning these prizes.

Now you have both. Our next Sun Score contest features a prize of $200 (this is the bigger prize part). It will be awarded July 1.

Here’s how you can win it. No more luck of the draw. Your fate is in your hands.

Whoever collects the most Ra points between Wednesday, May 18 and midnight June 30, will collect a prize valued at $200. Only you control how many Ra points you accumulate, so, it’s up to you to win, or lose, this prize.

How do you collect Ra points? It’s easy, fun and informative.

First, sign up for an account at your local Sun Spot. You will need your name and an email address – which we won’t sell to anyone.

Then, under “My Account” you’ll see a “My Ra Badges” button. Click it. There you will find out how you earn points toward becoming Ra – and winning $200 if you are in the lead come midnight, June 30.

As you’ll see, getting points is easy and fun. You can vote in a poll, view a video, leave a comment on a story, or even check the weather or traffic. Hold your cursor over each badge to find out details about points and badges.

Want to find out if you’re in the lead? Close? Need to pick up your effort a bit? View the live-updating leaderboard at

But don’t let everyone else get a jump on you. Visit today and begin to rack up the points.

There’s a $200 prize at the finish line.

3 Responses to Step it up – $200 is on the line!

  1. kn1234

    sounds fun!

  2. Lori DeVore
    Lori DeVore says:

    What types of prizes can we expect to see???

  3. Dan

    I just found out about this contest. It ends on June 30th? Doh!

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