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Week 2 of the Sun Score is here, and this time, we want to hear what’s on your mind. Like every other human being out there, you have an opinion. All we want you to do is share that opinion with us, and we’ll enter your name in a drawing for a $50 prize of your choice for doing so.

The process is simple. First, sign up for a user account (, if you aren’t already registered. After you sign in, read a story on one of our sites (the full list of sites can be found here), then post a comment at the bottom of the story.

Comments posted between Tuesday, April 19 at noon and Tuesday, April 26 at noon will be entered in the drawing.

4 Responses to Share your thoughts – win $50

  1. John Celani
    John Celani says:

    Education is expensive. I have a plan that may not affect the educational process but save the taxpayer a great deal of funds. We grew up in the 40′s and 50′s and did not go to kindergarten. Kindergarten is nice, but not necessary. We are the proof of that. We grew, learned as the kids do today, (maybe better), and successfully went to college and had our careers, raised our families, etc. So let us cut out kindergarten as a requirment and start students in first grade at the age of 6 as they did back in our day. The students will catch up quickly and by the third grade be on par with the kids that would have started in kindergarten. Furthermore, if we really want to save money, eliminate the senior year and compress the curriculum so that by the time the students complete 11 years of education in our local public school, they have the same knowledge as students today have after the 12th grade. It can be done successfully and those who are willing to learn, will! Those that don’t, then it is doubtful that they will learn more during their senior year.
    An alternative to eliminating the senior year is applying a test for Senior standing. Pass the test and you can go to the 12th grade. Fail it, and you get a certificate of attendance for your 11 years and the district bids you adieu. Something to think about!!

  2. Mike

    my Comment is, I like the Reading the Sun for local news & events, but how come no “Sun” for Medford Lakes?

  3. Wendy D

    Why do they have no Turn on Red Signs posted on Hurffville Crosskeys Road and Gantown Road by the TD & WTHS for all hours? Why can’t they make it only during school hours? I’ve been at that light & I have to wait for the light to turn and there are no other cars around or people crossing the street.

  4. JB

    I went to full-time kindergarten in the 50′s and loved it. I already could read and write my name, as most of my classmates, perhaps because our mothers stayed home. It wasn’t babysitting, it was education.

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